How To Keep Calm and Focused at a Shooting Range

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being present in a room full of strangers with guns just firing downrange at inanimate targets. It can be pretty intimidating even for shooting nerds like myself on the best of days.
I know a guy who always keeps a spare pistol with a fully loaded magazine in his pocket every time he is firing at the indoor range we go to. Don’t ask me what for, I can tell you one thing for sure, trying to relax in the midst of all the gunfire can be very intimidating especially for beginners or people who are not new to shooting but are not used to a crowded Indoor Shooting Range (

Here is how to keep your composure and keep everything in check before you hurt yourself and others.
Delicate balance between alertness and calm state of mind even though the two mental state of calm and situational awareness seem to be mutually exclusive, they are in fact not. The ability to control the two and use both simultaneous is the difference between gun operators who are in control of the situation and those that shoot first and run second. In certain walks of life, that is how you lose leverage and end up dead.

It is your constitutional right!
Your constitution in its infinite wisdom allows you to keep and carry weapons and operate them at designated firing ranges. So don’t feel the rush as if you were an outlaw unless you are actually one. In any case, don’t get too excited, remind yourself that it is still within limits set by the law if that – whatever calms you down really. You will find that experienced shooters are all too eager to help to share tips and to offer their help with your aim etc. Gun Range enthusiasts are surprisingly calm people generally and not trigger happy as is portrayed in the media sometimes.

When adrenaline kicks in
Let’s face it, we are all little adrenaline junkies – Firearm Facilities, our bodies love it. The problem is that with it comes to a certain amount of time distortion such that we may tend to rush through steps to start firing. This is a potentially harmful thing and should be avoided at all costs. It is easy to bring yourself to calm down. Just breathe slow and easy and take a break if you must.

Leave to shoot another day
Sadly, not all days are going to be fun shooting days for you and you buddies. Some days are just not the best. Should you ever feel irritated and you are not enjoying any part of the shooting drills, then you can just leave and try another time again. A good day is a day when you can focus, and all your rounds seem to hit the target. A good day is a day when you are safe. With the above advice, you should be able to relax like a pro after your first two visits to your Gun Range of choice. Always remember that safety matters more than experience.

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